Director of Audit & Pension

The Directorate of Audit & Pension is situated at D- sector, Naharlagun adjacent to Administrative Training Institute and opposite to Gauhati High Court (Itanagar Permanent Bench), Naharlagun. It is in the heart of the city and easily approachable on foot or auto rickshaw from the bus stop.

2. About the Directorate: –

The Directorate of Audit & Pension was created in the year 1999 vide Government order no. DA/FIN/B/1/76(Pt) dated 28th June – 1999 by bifurcating the existing Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries. The Directorate has been entrusted to deal with –

1. Finalization and issue of pension/ family pension and other retirement benefits.
2. Authorisation of payment under Group Insurance Scheme.
3. Audit matters (both internal and statutory)
4. Verification of service books of employees in regard to pay fixation.

3. Scope of work: –
3.1 Pension: –

1. Monitoring and pursuing of pension cases with the departmental authorities till their final settlement.

2. Finalisation of pro-rata pension benefits as per rule 37 1nd 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rule-1972.

3. Authorisation of freedom fighters pension.

4. Pension to the members of legislative Assembly.

5. Pension to the Chairman and Members of Public Service Commission.

6. Pension in respect of All India Service Officers retiring from the state Govt service.

7. Issue of revalidation orders on pension, revision of pension / family pension and death gratuity / retirement gratuity for lapsed authorities to Treasury Officers.

8. Authorisation of undrawn service pension / political pension under rule 36 of Central Treasury Rule.

9. Issue of duplicate authorities when both halves of pension payment order (PPO) are lost.

10. Matters relating to drawal of pension through public sector banks.

11. Authorisation of pension, gratuity and commutation of of pension of pensioners of other Govt pensioners received under special seal authorities directly from Accountant Generals / PAOs.

12. Authorisation of payment of interest on delayed payment of gratuity on the orders of the competent authority and see that the orders are in conformity with the rules in force. Contd.. P/2

13. To seek clarification from Finance Department of the Government / Accountant General whenever doubt arises regarding interpretation of rules.

14. Receipt and communications of the orders issued by other state Govt / GOI directly from the Accountant General / PAOs under special authorities in respect of their pensioners and to communicate TOs / PSBs in the state for making payment.

15. To determine the authority ie the gazette officers authorized to sign the PPO, GPO and CPO and arrange to communicate the specimen signature of the officer to the concern Treasury Officers in Arunachal Pradesh and all Accountant Generals.

3.2 Disposal of pension cases: –

1. Verification of service books and computation of qualifying service.

2. Computation of pension, gratuity and commutation of pension.

3. Preparation of PPO, GPO and CPO and issue to the respective Treasury Officers for arranging payment.

4. Maintenance of expenditure control register for watching progress of expenditure on the basis of the monthly expenditure statement received from the Accountant General (A& E), Itanagar.

5. Compilation of periodical Returns.

6. Preparation of Budget Estimate and revised estimate on all types of pension.

4. Pay Check:

1. Receipt of service book from all Head of Offices.

2. Verification of all entries in the service books as regard to correct regulation of pay including increments.

3. Checking of the fixation of pay on promotion/ reversion/ revision.

4. Checking of fixation of pay on ACP / MACP.

5. Authorisation of Group Insurance Benefits: –

The Directorate is to verify and issue authority and pass order in the bills on accounts of the benefits under UTGEGIS submitted by various DDOs in respect of all those who either retired or died while in service.

6. Internal Audit: –

The Directorate is entrusted to carry out internal audit of all Govt Departments / Grants-in-aid institutions / Local bodies and any other offices on specific order of the authority.